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Are you looking for a targeted, low-cost way to advertise your business or service to people who are actively looking for you? Search advertising can be very effective as you put your brand or service in front of the person exactly at the time that they are looking. Millions of people search for products and services everyday on Yoomza, the leader in privacy-based search.


Most advertising platforms, namely large search engines and social media companies, provide paid advertising services based on very personal details such as a persons gender, exact location, shopping preferences, income and other highly sensitive personal data. Yes, this allows the platform to HIGHLY target advertising, but also breaks the privacy and trust of thier userbase. We also feel that other platforms that use bidding wars for clicks only create a chaotic environment, focuses on maximizing income for the platform, and is not fair for all advertisers.
Because of this, we offer no-bid, privacy-based, flat rate, location-based, text advertising. People who perform searches on Yoomza cannot be identified individually by any means, so we focus search advertising solely on search term relevance and city location of IP Address, and we only accept a limit of 3 active advertisers per relevant search term at any given point of time.
Pricing is based on the placement within the three ad positions and also on the volume of the search term.
For example:
Search Term: Las Vegas Attorneys
Position #1: $45/week
Position #2: ($45 -30%)/week
Position #3: ($45 -60%)/week
* This is a sample only and does not reflect current active search term base pricing. Actual pricing is determined at the time of ad creation.


Getting started with advertising on Yoomza is easy. 1) Create your account; 2) Create your first campaign and design your text ad; 3) Target your campaign to search terms and/or locales; 4) Pay for and run the ad. Upon ad approval, your ad will start running in search results for the week. In your advertising portal, you will be able to see daily statistics of your ad campaign(s), and can renew your ad if you desire. Create as many ad campaigns as you wish as long as the targeted search term is available.

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