About Yoomza Search Engine

Yoomza private and anonymous search engine was developed to provide the user with a unique, safe and private way to perform search queries without the fear of being tracked by major tech companies or third party advertisers. Yoomza is truly untrackable and untracable. We anonymize ip addresses, and do not allow third party cookies of any kind.

Individual privacy has become a huge concern in recent years. These days, just chatting with a friend next to you in a room will trigger ads about that subject in your social media feeds, which just goes to prove that the big tech companies are always listening.

We provide anonymous and untrackable search results, that's it. Nothing fancy here. Tell your friends!!

Your Privacy For Sale

The truth is easy. With Yoomza, you are NEVER tracked, unlike the large search engines

If you are so inclined and want to assist us, we are happy to take donations to help pay for costs and further development.

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